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Spring meeting, Split, Croatia 4th-6th May 2017

2/17 2017

Dear All,
We will meet with the EVIPRG group on May 4th until 6th 2017in Split.


Two remarks with regard to the Split program:

We changed the ‘Call for abstracts’, from ‘normal’ presentations of ongoing studies into ‘Call for issues’, aiming to have more discussions within the group. An ‘issue’ to be presented to the group could be anything (research, clinical practice, funding, ethical dilemmas’ etc.), however, it has to lead to a question for the group.

There is an increasing interest from PhD candidates and EVIPRG members who supervise students, to allow PhD candidates to present their studies and discuss issues accordingly. Therefore, we decided for the Split meeting to have one full day (2nd day of the meeting) for PhD candidates presenting their papers.

So, anyone who would present at the EVIPRG-Split meeting (and PhD candidates regarding the PhD day May 5th), please send an abstract with a question for the group (max 150 words) to faj.fluttert@hccnet.nl. Deadline for submissions is April 21th 2017. I will put efforts to set up a program containing interesting issues .

We are looking forward to meet you in Split!

Kindest regards,

 the EVIPRG Board